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Software Tester Course Student Selection

LIVE Software Tester Course – Student Selection – FREE course for Jul/Aug 2021 batch

Please follow the Instructions carefully

  • Join WhatsApp group
  • Sign in to your Gmail account and navigate to ‘Google Drive’ App
  • Create a new Google Sheet (i.e. a spreadsheet), create new sheet / tab for each Testing Exercise
  • Work on 2 Testing Exercises as per the directions below
  • Share the file (via Google Drive) with [email protected]
  • We will evaluate your work and confirm your selection for our LIVE Software Tester Course due to start 31st Jul 21, 10 AM – 12:30 PM UK time, on Sat and Sun
  • Submission Deadline: 17th Jul 21
  • Top 10 students will be selected for our workshop and results announced via WhatsApp Group on 24th Jul 21


Student selection is ‘first-come first-serve’ basis. Criteria for selection – the instructions followed correctly, those who submit the answers earlier than others and the 2 Testing Exercises attempted acceptably. No Solution will be provided, however the approach will be explained as part of the LIVE course.

Testing Exercise 1 – Mortgage Payment Calculator Application

Find as many bugs as possible in the mortgage app.

Business Requirements:

  • BR-01: Ability to input Property Price in £ and has no maximum limit
  • BR-02: Ability to enter Annual Rate with a min/max interest of 1% – 8%
  • BR-03: The Maximum Term that bank will lend up to is 30 years
  • BR-04: Ability to calculate Monthly Payment in £ and is rounded off to 0 decimal places.
  • BR-05: Monthly Payment field is read-only

Out of scope:

  • Formula for calculating ‘Monthly payment’ has been validated and is not in scope for testing
  • Initial deposit for mortgage is not considered for calculations

Mortgage Payment Calculator



Testing Exercise 2 – Login Application

Find as many bugs as possible in the Login app.

Login Credentials:
Username: manual2automationtesting.com
Password: manual2automationtesting

Business Requirements:

  • Log in successful: shows Home page (in a new tab/window)
  • Log in unsuccessful: shows alert message
  • Clear: clears all the fields
  • Forgot your Password?

Out of Scope (under development):

  • User type