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Software Tester Course – Become an Effective Tester

The key objective of this Software Tester Course is to learn Manual Testing and Agile Testing from a project perspective while using a job oriented approach. This would effectively help those aspiring to break into IT / Software Testing. This is an intense Software Testing Training Course, conducted to offer practical knowledge in Software Testing. Learn Test Panning, Test Analysis, Test Design, Test Implementation, Test Execution and Test Reporting in a professional way.

Project & Job based Tester/QA Engineer Course. Manual Software Testing, Agile with JIRA, SQL for Testers & Interviews.

Software Tester Course: What you’ll learn

  • Software TESTER’S ROLE & RESPONSIBILITIES for performing & delivering day-to-day Testing activities effectively
  • Demonstrate qualities essential for an AGILE TESTER & exposure to Agile Tooling – JIRA & Zephyr from Testing Project view point
  • Grasp how to effectively prepare various Testing deliverables in a productive manner (via PROJECT BASED LEARNING)
  • EXPERIENCE of Full Software Testing Project Lifecycle (from HANDS-ON PRACTICAL LEARNING perspective)
  • INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENTS covering Test Analysis, Design, Implementation, Execution
  • Additional Content: SQL for Testers & Intro to Automation

Software Tester Course: Description

Are you aspiring to break into IT / Software Testing / QA through an effective and professional course?

Learn Software Tester’s Key responsibilities:

  • Analyse Business requirements and Design specifications.
  • Derive Test Conditions based on test analysis
  • Identify Test Data Requirements for Test Scenarios.
  • Develop detailed test cases based on business requirements and design specification.
  • Define test data by applying formal Test Case Design techniques.
  • Prepare test traceability matrix to attain adequate test coverage.
  • Peer review detailed test cases and log review comments.
  • Perform functional test case execution as per test plan and approach defined.
  • Conduct Exploratory testing by applying session based test management technique.
  • Report bugs and demonstrate effective bug hunting techniques.
  • Communicate status of testing tasks by collecting metrics & prepare test status report

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone aspiring to gain hands-on exposure to Manual Testing Projects and Test Analyst/Engineer’s role & responsibilities
  • Most suitable for those who are seeking to learn Manual & Agile Testing (from project perspective)
  • Best suitable for beginners to advanced level users and who learn faster when demonstrated
  • Those wishing to apply for entry level Testing jobs
  • Anyone currently seeking to move into a Testing role or already in a Manual Testing role will benefit from attending this professional course
  • Most suitable for those seeking to learn software testing from practical hands-on view point
  • Well-suited for someone switching career and aiming to get into IT via Software Testing

Learn Manual/QA/Agile Testing from a Testing Industry expert and from a project perspective while using a realistic & hands-on approach. Grasp how to effectively work on Testing projects aligning to industry standards and expectations. Become competent in facing practical testing interviews. In addition to that, SQL for Testers & Intro to Automation Testing are added additional content (sessions) for this realistic Software Tester Course! Note: This is NOT an automation testing course, however this helps in progressing to become an automation tester – since you would gain a robust exposure and solid understanding of project-based software testing. Become an effective Software Tester, good luck!