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Automation Tester Course Online – REST-assured

Firstly, the key objective of LIVE Automation Tester Course Online – REST-assured is to learn API Test Automation Tools and Skills from a Project Perspective and put the Project Essentials into practice based on hands-on LIVE Automation Testing Projects and numerous examples. This approach helps trainees to quickly and productively add API Automation Testing Tools in demand to CV instead of inefficiently spending several months learning them from a theory perspective.

Secondly, you would work on an Automation Testing Project using Cucumber BDD, REST-assured and JAVA – which would be reviewed by a professional trainer and an automation expert

Please note: LIVE trainees should ideally complete the project before the course completion date. Constructive feedback for project will be given via email. There won’t be any personalised mentoring during or after the course completion.

Why Automation Tester Course Online – REST-assured?

Become an effective Automation Software Tester

API Automation Tester Course Content

Automation Testing Sessions at a high level covers REST-assured Foundations, Cucumber, Automation Framework development from scratch & End-to-End Project, Wiremock, OAuth, etc.
LIVE Automation Tester Course Online includes 12 – 15 Sessions (this is tentative – since it’s LIVE and there is lots to cover, refer content below)

Who should attend

Most suitable for beginners who are seeking to go from Manual 2 Automation Testing.

Test Automation Training is most suitable for Manual Testers who are aiming to break into Test Automation.

Anyone seeking project based Automation Testing Course Online and hands-on approach should attend this Online Testing Training.
Those wishing to increase their earning potential as IT companies prefer to hire Automation testers who are already trained and have prior test automation project experience.

Learning Outcomes

Quickly and productively add API Automation Testing skills in demand to your CV
Test Automation Training content designed by considering current software test automation tools in demand and the job market.
Practical learning experience with LIVE test automation frameworks, project work and examples.


You are eligible for “LIVE Automation Tester Workshop Completion Certificate” on successful completion of Test Automation Training and 1 Test Automation Project.

A typical Job Spec for Automation Tester Role

  • Hands on experience of test automation using REST-assured, Cucumber and Java.
  • Hands on experience of Behavioural Driven Development BDD (using Cucumber & Gherkin).
  • Identify test data requirements and implement tests to achieve test automation regression coverage.
  • Develop an automation framework from scratch
  • Experience in source code control using Git.

What is covered in Automation Tester Course Online – REST-assured?

Work on 1 Automation Testing offline project (hands-on) using REST-assured & Cucumber and receive constructive feedback

Automation Testing, Framework & Automation Pyramid Overview

  • Automation testing overview
  • What is an Automation Framework?
  • Test Automation Pyramid

RESTful, REST-assured Overview

  • WebServices vs Web Application
  • WebServices Examples
  • Web Services Vs API
  • RESTful Web Services
  • HTTP Request and Response
  • REST-assured overview
  • Postman overview

REST-assured fundamentals

  • Environment Setup – Building POM.xml (from scratch)
  • REST-assured library
  • Chaining Methods
  • BaseURI, BasePath & Headers
  • Basic Assertions (Junit & Hamcrest)
  • Status Codes – JUnit & Hamcrest Assertions

REST-assured Project 1: Parsing JSON elements

  • Json Overview
  • JsonPath – Strings & Integer
  • JsonPath – Lists, Objects & Maps
  • Deserialization & POJO
  • Gson
  • JsonParser
  • Nested Json

REST-assured Project 2: JSON response validation

  • HTTP methods – POST, GET, PUT, DELETE
  • Params – Path & Query
  • Hamcrest Assertions
  • Postman Tests

Cucumber & REST-assured Project 3

  • Cucumber Overview
  • Cucumber Feature file
  • Cucumber Glue code: Given-When-Then
  • Reading Json test data from external file
  • Hamcrest Assertions

Cucumber & REST-assured Framework development – Baselined version

  • Maven Project and packages setup
  • Cucumber BDD feature
  • Step Definitions & Hooks
  • Dependency Injection
  • Implement Log Utility
  • REST Interface
  • REST Utility
  • Create Enums for capturing API Constants
  • Implement Step Defs
  • Test Runners

End-to-End Project 4 – Using Automation Framework

  • End to End Project / Real time Application Walkthrough
  • Real-time REST API App Intro
  • Postman & Chai JS for BDD Feature 1
  • Rest-assured Steps for Feature 1
  • Rest-assured Assertions for Feature 1
  • Further Hamcrest Assertions for Feature 1
  • BDD Feature 2 & handling duplicate Steps
  • Postman for BDD Feature 2
  • Rest-assured Steps (Using JsonPath) for Feature 2
  • Method Overloading (for Query parameters) in Rest Utility
  • Postman for BDD Feature 3
  • Rest-assured Steps for Feature 3
  • Test Runners
  • Cucumber Reports
  • Source code management – Git & GitHub

Push on exploring Rest-assured features

  • Wiremock for REST API testing
  • Parsing and Validating XML response
  • Authentication Methods
  • OAuth: Twitter API

Automation Testing Project / Interview Challenge for LIVE TRAINEES

  • Test Automation Project – Automate Test Cases as per test scenarios given to you using Cucumber JVM.
  • User Story and Test Scenario would be given to you. You shall have to prepare feature file (BDD scenarios), develop Steps definitions using REST-assured & Java.
  • Run your automated test case few times and ensure the test passes every time.
  • Generate Cucumber report.
  • Request for review and receive constructive feedback.

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Automation Tester Course Online – REST-assured