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Automation Tester Course Online – DevOps and Cloud

The key objective of LIVE Automation Tester Course Online – DevOps and Cloud is to learn how to run API & UI Automation Testing using DevOps Tooling primarily focusing on CI/Jenkins in a containerised environment using Docker and Kubernetes. Also learn how to deploy Automation Testing frameworks using DevOps Tooling such as Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins on Cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP.

Why Automation Tester Course Online – DevOps and Cloud?

Become an effective Automation Software Tester
Automation Tester Course – DevOps and Cloud Content

Automation Testing Sessions at a high level covers running REST-assured and Selenium Tests in a containerised environment such as Docker & Kubernetes.
LIVE Automation Tester Course Online includes 20 Sessions extensively covering Jenkins pipelines run inside Docker and Kubernetes and in the cloud – AWS & GCP.

Who should attend

Most suitable for beginners who are seeking to go from Manual to Automation Testing. And leverage based on Automation Testing skills by applying it in the context of DevOps Tooling and Cloud.

Test Automation Training based on DevOps is most suitable for Manual Testers who are aiming to break into Test Automation and for Automation testers who are keen on increasing their salary and in order to stay competitive.

Anyone seeking project based Automation Testing Course Online and hands-on approach should attend this Online Testing Training.
Those wishing to increase their earning potential as IT companies prefer to hire Automation testers who are already trained in DevOps Tooling and Cloud platforms and have prior continuous test automation experience using Jenkins.

Learning Outcomes

Quickly and productively add DevOps Tooling & Cloud skills (from an Automation Testing perspective) to your CV.

Automation Testers with skills such as Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, GCP are highly in demand.
Test Automation Training content is designed by considering current DevOps tools & cloud platforms in demand and the job market.
Gain practical learning experience in terms of running automated tests in a containerised environment and in the cloud. And practically learn how to integrate test automation frameworks using continuous testing tools such as Jenkins through various labs covering REST-assured, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes in Linux, AWS & GCP environments.


You are eligible for “LIVE Automation Tester – DevOps & Cloud Workshop Completion Certificate” on successful completion of Test Automation Training.

Increase your earning potential by achieving this certification.

A typical Job Spec for Automation Tester Role with DevOps & Cloud computing experience

  • Hands on experience of test automation using REST-assured, Selenium, Cucumber and Java.
  • Collaborate with the DevOps team to establish automated testing as part of the CI/CD pipeline, ensuring that new releases are seamlessly and reliably deployed to production
  • CI/CD Tools and Pipeline – knowledge of at-least one build tool e.g. Jenkins CI
  • Knowledge of containerisation and how to deploy test automation frameworks to Kubernetes
  • Docker essential. Kubernetes desirable
  • Knowledge of AWS or GCP
  • Experience working on Linux based infrastructure

What is covered in LIVE Automation Tester Course Online – DevOps and Cloud?

Docker foundations for Testers

  • Docker fundamentals
  • Docker architecture
  • Dockerfile
  • Docker compose
  • Various Labs: Selenium Hub in Docker in a Linux environment

Jenkins CI Pipeline

  • Jenkins fundamentals
  • Jenkins in Docker
  • Jenkins Pipeline
  • Jenkins architecture
  • Jenkinsfile
  • Various Labs: Docker, Jenkins Pipeline and Selenium Hub, REST-assured

Cloud foundations for Testers

  • AWS Cloud fundamentals
  • Lab: AWS, Docker & Jenkins & Test Automation

Kubernetes for Testers

  • K8s fundamentals
  • K8s architecture
  • K8s manifest file
  • Minikube
  • Various labs: Minikube & Jenkins
  • GCP & GKE
  • Labs: GCP GKE, Jenkins & Test Automation

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Automation Tester Course Online – DevOps and Cloud